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(most of these are either commissions/gifts and they go to there original owners)


Shadow X Anna (old) by Wolfy-5980:thumb314632335::thumb314747784:AmberSong the Hedgehog by Wolfy-5980TJ the hedgehog by Wolfy-5980 :thumb314939117::thumb314964939::thumb315446565::thumb315547503::thumb315444088:Human Shadanna- Magnet by shadowiscool123 Anna the Hedgehog Sprite by AurenTheEchidnaArt  Trade with Sonicforthewin1 by sonadowclub543:thumb316763529:TJ the hedgehog (teen) by Wolfy-5980AmberSong the Hedgehog (Teen) by Wolfy-5980 Shadow's DateShadow's Date
It was a beautiful day across Mobius, as Shadow the hedgehog, the black and red hedgehog that called himself the Ultimate Lifeform, was a bit nervous today-he agreed to do a blind date for a friend, and wasnt sure how this was going to go. "I hope everything works out...i need to get my mind off of Maria...*sigh* Maria..." he said to himself as he waited on the park bench, trying to hide his nervousness with his signature stern look. He kept waiting, looking over while seeing a female hedgehog heading towards him, her orange fur with red tint glistening in the sun as she walked over to him, smiling.
"Are you Shadow?"
"Why yes i am...and you are?"
"I'm anna..your date ^^"
Shadow looked at her a bit, noticing her quills looked like a mix of his and the faker Sonic, but he didnt mind-he just wanted to have a good time with her and hope that it would work out, instead of having to come back to the ARK empty-handed. "So you ready to go eat, Shadow? i know a great place ^^." sh
Shadanna request: (unfinished) by KeyaraHedgehog09Anna the a pony by FiretrontheHedgehogTJ by Wolfy-5980Anna the hedgie (old) by Wolfy-5980Anna the hedghog (old) by Wolfy-5980Anna My Friend SonicForTheWin1's Character by CeceLovesSoShSi1415ShadowXAnna by CeceLovesSoShSi1415ShadAnna by CeceLovesSoShSi1415shadanna for sonicthewin1 by alonegothictomboysonicforthewin1's shadow the hedgehog sketch by Shadowhe:thumb319178966: sonicforthewin1's super shadow sketch by Shadowhesonicforthewin1's super sonic sketch by ShadowheShadow is so bad@$$ by Scourgey-ouo:thumb320283562:Collab: Chibi Gentleman by ChiliDawg890for sonicforthewin1 by stormthearcticwolf :thumb321635044::thumb321609873:Shadanna by brooke-hedgehog:thumb322013650:ShadAnna(contest entree) by Alice-KnightShadow:thumb324175082: Stamp Commission: SonicForTheWin1 by The-Lost-Hope:thumb327804390::thumb328904618:Hide And Seek WIP by xItsElectricCOMM: My lovely by Thesqueakingwonder :thumb329930287::thumb330046784::thumb330027803:...I love you Always.. (Shadanna Gift) by xItsElectricShadanna: Love by DarkSonicthehedgieShadAnna Kiss by manicgirl155 Shadanna by brooke-hedgehognew evolution: Auren and friends by AurenTheEchidna:thumb330717571: D.O.S Act 2- Secrects and Promises page 1Dayana's Old Stories Act 02 Secrects and promises part 1
-=- In the Classroom (siciene inside) 8:05 -=-
Hexon: *yawn* *looking the chair of dayana**sigh*Where is dayana?
Dayana: Haku you are tickle me mmh~:heart:
Haku: I know,sweetheart *continued kissing in the dayana's neck*
Dayana: Nya~
Haku: hehe*smile*
Hexon: Hi,Dayana
Dayana: *wave*
Hexon: huh?
Shadow: Everyone take your sit
*all student take he/her sit*
Anna: *giggle*
Shadow: We have a new student and is a girl
Boys: Oh...
Shadow: But please let respect her, okay
All student: Okay..
Shadow: Come in in the class
???: *she come in the classroom*
Shadow: Say your name young girl
???: My name is dream, Dream the hedgehog
Fiona: She is so ugly
Wave: Yeah and the hair is like a rat
Amy: Hey is my best friends
Fiona/Wave: WHAT!!?
Amy: Dream over here*wave to dream*
Dream: *gasp and  run to amy*Amy is posible*hug her*
Amy: OMG*hug back*
Dayana::stare: Amy is bipolar
Haku: *grab her hand and kiss in
:thumb331201614: D.O.S Act 2- Secrects and Promises page 4Dayana's Old Stories Act 02 Secrects and promises part 4
To be continued...
Dayana:Nothing i gonna sleep
Dream: Okay,Good night
Dayana: bye*hang out*
Haku:*knock the window* Dayi~:heart:
Dayana:*gaps, happy quickly open the window*
Haku: Hi sweetheart
Dayana: Haku ,Oh god *starts to cry of happiness*Get in
Haku: *get inside the room and kiss her*I was worried about you
Dayana: *hug him tight*Haku-kun
Haku: *smile*My baby*hug back*
Dayana: Go gonna stay in my house
Haku: Yes,my darling i'm gonna stay here
(meanwhile talking what wrong with anna and shadow)
Shadow: Anna you want a soda
Anna: Yes,please
Shadow: *hit the machine of soda**grab the two soda*Here
Anna: *grab the soda*Thanks
Shadow: You're welcome
Anna: Shadow I can stay in your house
Shadow: *blush* What!!
(Soneam with dream and sonic)
Dream: S-sonic
Sonic: Yes:blush:
Dream: Tomorrow i will go with my friends ,dayana did you like to go with me
Sonic: Sure
Dream: Can you promise me something?
Sonic:about what?
(Hakayi with day
Hide And Seek by xItsElectric:thumb332184008:Gift for SonicForTheWin1 by DarkSonicthehedgie:thumb332861271: :thumb333650406: Shadow CushionShadow Cushion
"Guys, this isnt really necessary...i'm really not sure this is a good idea!"
"Nonsense, Shadow. She'll love this and besides...would you prefer the hose up your ass?"
"Well no..but do you guys really have to hold me down? I said i was willing..."
Shadow looked a bit irritated, looking over to see Sonic and Silver holding him by his wrists while Ace fashioned up the water hose, a quick lame-brained idea for Anna's birthday gift. To make matters worse, Shadow was dressed up with a diaper around his waist, Anna's idea of her own little baby Shadow, despite him being as he is. Silver let go of Shadow, Sonic letting go as well before Shadow went up to the mirror, looking over the diaper before sighing again. "Honestly, i dont think water will do the trick...she'll want something more...filling..." he said, Sonic and Silver looking a bit confused at the black hedgehog before Ace snapped his fingers, suddenly getting an idea.
"So Shad...whatcha hungry for, buddy?"
PC: Anna Generations by ModrenSonic:thumb334341919:.:PC:. Our Paradise - Fan Comic by Nine-Rosescom:Sexy Shadow! by amberdayAnna the Hedgehog by AgentToxic:thumb329318545::thumb329494057:Axs by lv-a42:thumb335865792:axsl by lv-a42 Shadow and Anna, after you by naysuGift: Shadanna by roseprincess25:thumb337207837:'Come over here...' by xX-Daisy-chan-Xx Lady of the Land(Note: I have no idea how i will get this done correctly, since this is based on a game i have not played before *Sonic and The Black Knight* but since this is for a friend, i will do everything in my power to get this as close as i don't hate me if it's's just a story, guys)
Throughout history, there have been books portraying the heroics of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, including one of his closest knights-Sir Lancelot, who had a close resemblance of Shadow the hedgehog in the mobian world, but most paid it off as coincidence or just propaganda to portray the mobians as the heroes of that time, but the truth of it is that it actually happened with Shadow. After the original adventure ended with the Black Knight, Shadow decided to stay around as Lancelot for a bit, enjoying the nice and tranquil area rather than the bustling of cities and robots he had to deal with daily, not to mention getting away from the "faker" King Arthur, otherwise known as


HEY! i have more evidence people, go to these other journals, this is all evidence that its true!
update New Hacker group activethank to CHRISwillar for the updated information.
Hey members ; this is just a small warning - there's currently a hacker group going around on dART that steals your login info by using already hacked accounts. Simply, by use of coding, this group has changed the url path of several accounts (one of their tricks is by posting a comment on your works, claiming it has been stolen, followed by a link), so that when you go to visit their profile page, you are instead redirected to what seems to be the dART login page. But it's not! If you take a look at the url, you will see that it's in fact not a dART url at all. This what the fake login page looks like:

One of the victims is ~neomoti - she has been accused for being the hacker, but this girl is not at fault; the hacked account is no longer in their possession however  she has opened another instead to start over -> XxneomotixX she explains it in this video:
**PLEASE READ** HOW TO AVOID HACKERSPlease add this Journal to your Favourites and share! This way everyone can know how to avoid being hacked!
UPDATE: namenotrequired has informed me that this problem has been detected and fixed. Everything should be okay now. However, I will keep this Journal up just in case it happens again and the hackers find a way around it. Remember to check for the "key differences!"
Have a great day. :love:
Recently, people like J-u-d-a-s have been hacked, having their accounts deactivated. Fortunately, J-u-d-a-s was able to regain control of his account.
I will be telling you how to avoid the same thing happening to you.
First of all, I'd like to say that the hackers are very smart and deceitful. They have made a login page very similar to deviantART's, but with this tutorial, you will be able to see the difference between the two and know whether you really need to log in or if it's a scam.
Can you tell the difference between the two? (Sc
Hacker Alert (Read, No Panic - ended)Hey guys; this is just a small warning - there's currently a hacker group going around on dART that steals your login info by using already hacked accounts. Simply, by use of coding, this group has changed the url path of several accounts (one of their tricks is by posting a comment on your works, claiming it has been stolen, followed by a link), so that when you go to visit their profile page, you are instead redirected to what seems to be the dART login page. But it's not! If you take a look at the url, you will see that it's in fact not a dART url at all. This what the fake login page looks like:

One of the victims is neomoti - she has been accused for being the hacker, but this girl is not at fault; the hacked account is still in their possession, so she has opened another instead to start over -> XxneomotixX; she explains it in this video: (reuploaded)
The REAL hacker is apparently the group

each and everyone of these journals explains it all, the person ~Neomoti is innocent ! she has been hacked by the hacker thats why, and the Hacker i am guessing is using her as the hacking account, i wish i can put up my evidence i have found out, but i dont really know how to put up those things, but i am serious, this hacker has probably be doing this for already 1 DAY already, this is unbelievable!now as i said in the last journal, i think i am save, but a nice deviant told me that i was probably skipped by the hackers list, thank god, but he also told me to be at least aware ! people this is not a drill! most likely the D.A. staff is going off the walls to try and get this over with, they also say if you DO get hacked, you can or might be able to get it back! now this day has been crazy for me, and i really dont wanna wake up in the morning tomorrow just to see  my account fuc*ed up! and i am sure you dont want to either, if i say like Deactivated, IT IS NOT ME! and if my page changes oddly and the same crap happens to you like on the page of ~Neomoti, then LOOK AT THE URL!!! which is at the top, if it DOESNT say DEVIANTART DO NOT LOG IN! you are going to get hacked, unfortunately i did in on the hackers page of that one girls, yes i think i was hacked, but as i said i might have been skipped on the hackers list, this is driving e and probably other people crazy, i feel terrible, i hope I dont get hacked or OTHERS, i feel bad...AND i have proof the hacker does do something to the account! because my friend :iconxitselectric: had tried it on her other dead account, and that account she said, became a pedo account -~- fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! as i said, if i am acting strange to you tomorrow, or i am deactivating IT IS NOT ME!!! its the hacker, i will be terribly sad, i will miss you all, i have tried logging out and logging back in when i logged in into the fake D.A. log in page, i did it 2 times, nothing happened, so i THINK i am safe, oh for my friend, go and look at her journal >   The Proof of HackerI may not remember entirely, but I do still have a plz account for my lovely sweet, Bliss the Cat~
But, since I'm inactive on that account, I used it for a test run. Apprently, I was right.
Here's the account: :iconblissthecat:
This account was empty before. Now, 8 hours later, it somehow turned into a pedo account.
So, here's the lovely proof. Neotomi is innocent, she posted a video explaining everything. Also the other person. They were both hacked by the same person.
and DO NOT CLICK HER DEAD ACCOUNT ICON! the one called ~Blissthecat, DO NOT CLICK HER NAME OR ICON! its just like ~Neomoti's this is stranger danger people! be warned and on the look out, as i said, LOOK AT THE URL EACH AND EVERY TIME! thats the only way you know if its fake or not, if it doesnt say or whatever that has Deviantart, it is a hacker! me being an idiot i failed, i may or may not be hacked, i am screwed, BUT i did change my password, hopefully that helped me, i also cleared out my laptop's history, so they cant go through there either,people this is bad i swear, probably one of the worst hackers D.A. has probably had in their 12 years here or something like that ;-; i am sorry for everyone that is screwed because of this, including me maybe, just please be warned and be specific and fast when explaining these things to other deviants so they dont make the same mistake i did ;o; i will miss you all if i do get hacked, you ALL know i am a sonic artist, thats it, my page has my couple shadanna, and alot of my favorite stamps, if anything has changed of that, then i have been hacked ;A; *sigh*...pray for each and everyone my friends...this is amazing how this happens...hackers HAVE to be smart to do this, so this person is smart to get this far into it, the only way to probably to get rid of him/her is to probably contact the staff of D.A., if you dont know how? then scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the page and look at the words in grey, look at the words "Contact Us" and click it, i hope this journal helped, more info is coming in each time, so this journal will be edited time and time again, so read when edit, i will make an edit box to see, this is the end of this journal for now, the edit box will be new info

EDIT:  im guessing the problem is now over, phew > Hacker Problem SolvedEverything is fine now, a DA Staff member took care of everything. He commented on :iconCatthylove: journal.
Pass this on!
even more people ;A; Hacker troubleDue to the recent hacker attack on some deviants,it is highly recommended that all use extreme caution in DA.
To avoid hackers,please read this journal and pass the word around.
> victim :thumb339748296:
GOOD THING! THE HACKER HAS BEEN CAUGHT RUMORS NOW SAY! D.A. IS SAVING OVER 2400 ACCOUNTS THAT HAS BEEN HACKED! THANK YOU JESUS!and i am in there somewhere along with others like =Blazezear and me
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My name is anna for short, but i am a shadow fan girl, but im not rabid to the point i go ape sh** XD, im cool,nice, ecstatic and funny, my IQ is over 135 for just a 13 year old, i may act immature sometimes, but that is for friends, when it comes to real stuff, i act like a 22 year old some say. im potorican and i speak spanish/english, i love to draw especially sonic, i started drawing him ever sinse i was 5.
now i have seen alot of FC's and thats why i have some :la: and i know some of the AMAZING artist i know who dont like sonic FC's but its what the artist wants ;3; and its how i role ;)


Shadow Stamp by RecklessKaiserShadow the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepjeShadow Stamp 2 by NoNamepjeShadow Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxShadow stamp by AceLombardiAnimated Shadow stamp by Shade-the-hedgehog1Pro Shadow Stamp by Storm-the-catShadow's Still Sexier -STAMP- by xXFireFoxGirlXxShadow Stamp by CriWolfyShadow Stamp 2 by CriWolfySHADOW DONIC by Anj3linaShadow Love by xRubiMalonexSaSASR: Shadow User Stamp by MammaCarnage:thumb122711160::thumb244207606::thumb277903982:Shadow the Hedgehog Stamp :3 by IloveErzaKairiBrawl Stamp 29 by Frobie-MangakaChaos Control Stamp by SinRainyday666Stamp: Sir Lancelot by Rapha-chanShadow Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS::Stamp: Tummy Rubs are love:: by Blue-SonikkuShadow by Pris-Shadow:iconshadowthplz::iconshadow-kunplz::iconshadowthehedgehogplz::iconshadowthedgehogplz:Shadew the Stamp by BombshellBoyShadow the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
I Love Sonic Badges - Request by darkfailureshufflin DJ Shadow stamp by EllyStampzcan u give me points? by shadow--gShadow759 stamp by ARTic-WeatherShadow Stamp by Miha85Stamp: Hedgie Shadow by Rapha-chanShadow the Hedgehog stamp by HystericDesigns:thumb304451742:Shadow Sez Stamp by Static101I Love Sonic Badges - Request by darkfailure:iconshadowlaplz::iconlashadowlaplz::iconshadowwhutplz::iconshadow-kunplz::thumb292071694::iconshadowdummyplz:
SatBK: Lancelot Icon by AchirdShadow by PixelistoShadow Advance Pixel Art by LeaoZXshadow pixel by aiikittyGlowy by WatermelonOwl:iconshadowdollplz:My Chibi Shadow icon by Momocatluv:iconepicshadowdanceplz::iconshadowsemeplz::iconshadowukeplz:Shadow going Super by spi3000Shadow Kick edit 2 by CrazyAlecSonic idle to Shadow idle by CrazyAlecSonic to Shadow:180 Turn by CrazyAlecShadow Chaos control by ShinobuRaiuShadow the hedgehog by BlazingtalentEdited Shadow Kick sprite by CrazyAlec:thumb157564130::thumb199996567::thumb320972270:


Shadow and Maria Stamp by Stamp221:thumb64225729:ShadowXMaria Stamp by WierdtailsShadaria Stamp by eeveecupcakegirlShadaria and Silvaze Stamp by eeveecupcakegirl:thumb327432829::iconshadowxmariaplz:


:thumb134597620:SonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fansSonamy stamp by Amystarzel:thumb141138240:itcontainsblueandpink by Icia11Sonamy Lover - Stamp by darkhyliangirlSmart SonAmy Fan by VincintblazeSonamy Stamp by Toasty-CoconutSonamy Icon by nohra1994Sonamy Avatar by grvtiiAvvie.:Sonamy:.FullView by xXLovelyRose95XxSonamy club by amy4sonicluvaSonamy Stamp by FilipaTheHedgehogSonamy icon by Hannahblue123my sonamy kiss gif by starlathehedgehog..+Sonamy Avatar+.. by grvtiiSonAmy Gaze Stamp by Vertekins:STAMP: Sonamy obession by FKandFriends:iconsonamyplz:


:thumb68144209:Knouge -  Stamp by Dark-OshawottRegular Knouge stamp by DeNiiseeKnouge stamp by eeveecupcakegirlRouge and Knuckles by GeminiGirl83:iconknougeplz:


:thumb79375665:Silvaze stamp by AmystarzelMy I suport Silvaze stamp by Fighsty-Zest:thumb208368729:Silvaze Stamp by EllyStampzSilverxBlaze Stamp by SiinderwolfSilvaze 4 Ever Stamp by I-Love-Tails21silvaze stamp by Silvazian-EmpressPro Silvaze Anti Sonaze by Silvazian-EmpressSilvaze Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16Silvaze stamp by Duzartesa:thumb317875185:Silvaze Stamp by scourgexfionafanSilvAze Fans Unite STAMP by BingotheCat:iconsilvazeplz:


D.A. sis's

D.A. bros

D.A. buddies/stalkers XD

D.A. cousins

D.A. twins

D.A. pets

D.A. mom

D.A. dad

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